What is Downing Gives Bach?

Creating an environment where #allmeansall in music instruction, Downing Gives Bach is a full-inclusion curriculum developed for both general education students and those enrolled in special education Academic Life Skills classes at Downing Middle School in Flower Mound, TX. Based on the Giving Bach model created by Richard Meyer to "enrich the lives of young people by providing opportunities for young student musicians to perform for their peers in concerts that are educational and interactive," Downing Gives Bach grew out of a partnership between orchestra director Bethany Hardwick and special education department head Jennifer Rodgers in which the orchestra students performed music for the ALS students, who, in turn, provided instruction on the cultural and historical context of that music to the orchestra students. Over time, this programming evolved into a full-inclusion class where all students can learn to enjoy, appreciate, and perform music in a safe, fun environment with an underlying foundation in music therapy. Come learn more about our incredible journey together!