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Sponsor a Song

The orchestral library of any music program is an evolving collection. There are orchestral “classics” which every library should contain, as well as music that is being written currently that adds to the changing face of orchestral music. Competitions such as UIL also have a required list of music that changes periodically. In order to meet copyright laws, a single copy of each piece of music we perform must be filed within the orchestral library.

Buying music for our library gets very expensive. We are asking you to consider sponsoring a song. The average cost of purchasing one song with parts for every instrument is $50. However, any contribution will be significant and appreciated. Contributions will be earmarked for the purpose of purchasing music during the current school year. All sponsors will receive a tax-deductible receipt upon request. If you are interested in sponsoring a song, please click the button below!  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

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