This fee includes the following:

Student T-Shirt

Student Binder/Pencil

Spring Contest Fee

District Orchestra Fee

New Music for Orchestra

Clinician Fees (when other teachers come in to work with the students as a class)

Concert Accompanist Fees (when a pianist or drummer plays along with students at concerts)

Concert Receptions

Basic Supplies (extra rosin, shoulder rests, rock stops, etc)

Large Supplies (cello chairs, bass stools, instrument storage, acoustic paneling, etc)


This fee does NOT include: extra parties, field trips, Six Flags ticket, private lessons or instrument rentals.

*Select Yes from dropdown to include in fee payment.


* Cello & Bases are required to pay $115 fee to use school owned intruments (not rentals from company similar to Dallas Strings)

*  Any violin or viola not renting from company like Dallas Strings will also be required to pay $115 fee to use school owned instruments

* District Charges $100 and we've added $15 string fee

Symphonic Orchestra Activity Fees: Monthly Payment Plan BOY- 1st Payment