​​​Work Hard.  Play Harder.

Downing Orchestra

Celebrity String Players!

Albert Einstein - Violin

Jimi Hendrix - Viola

The Twilight Saga's Dakota

Fanning - Violin

Glee's Darren Criss - Violin

Pro Skater Tony Hawk - Violin

Ryan Gosling - Cello

Larry Centers of the Buffalo Bills - Bass

John Mayer - Viola

Jake the Dog - Viola

So Why Choose Orchestra?

Styles of Music

As a string player, you can play many different styles of music, ranging from classical to rock, fiddling, country and western, jazz, and world music.

Concerts and Competitions

Students have lots of opportunities to perform with several concerts, elementary recruiting trips, competitions, and Solo and Ensemble.

Activities and Field Trips  

We have lots of great things planned for this year including a pool party, Main Event, a trip to the Dallas Symphony, Six Flags for 7th and 8th graders, paintball for the boys, a trip to the mall and a spa party for the girls, and a Rangers game!

We Have A Lot of Fun!

Every day you work with other string players to learn and perform music together.  You will make many long-lasting friends in the Orchestra that you’ll keep well into high school.  Go ahead and show your OrchDork pride!!!