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Downing Orchestra

Arlington Youth Symphony

The mission of the Arlington Youth Symphony is to educate and inspire young musicians through the pursuit of excellence in musical performance.

The Arlington Youth Symphony is comprised of several orchestras:

Symphony Orchestra (9th-college) and String Orchestra and below (6-8).

Flower Mound Community Orchestra

The Flower Mound Community Orchestras were established in 1994 to provide area residents a vehicle for the performance and enjoyment of classical music. Our mission is to encourage and instruct musicians in the art of orchestral presentation and to promote music education and awareness in the community.FMCO provides three ensembles for musicians of all levels of proficiency:                

​Symphony Orchestra      Progressive Orchestra      Preparatory Orchestra

​Join Us! 
​The orchestras are composed of local-area musicians of all ages who volunteer their time and considerable talents for the benefit of cultural awareness in the community and for their own enjoyment of playing in an ensemble. To audition for a place in any of the orchestras, please contact the Music Director.

Why Join?

Here's why some students, parents, and our own private teachers really enjoyed their youth orchestra experience. 

Youth symphony allowed me to experience music with other serious, dedicated, and high level musicians, and make friends across the region. Additionally as a section leader, coordinating and leading sectionals, suggesting bowings, and adding fingerings were my responsibility for 2 years.  Having that responsibility taught me to always be prepared no matter what you do.  Dedicating 3 hours of my Sunday never phased me, I always looked forward to it!

-Javi Betancourt, Private Cello Instructor

We felt that our daughter was living in an orchestra bubble in LISD that didn't give her a realistic view of how competitive violin could be. Participating in GDYO has introduced her to students from all over the North Texas area and has stepped up her level of performance after seeing the quality of players our area has.  It has also given her great experience with higher level music, a variety of quality directors, as well as cool venues in the Dallas area.

-Karen Knoch, Parent

For me, there was no better way to spend Saturday mornings. It allowed me to connect with musicians who were passionate and inspiring.

-Miriam Oddie, Private Viola Instructor

Being involved in a youth orchestra pushed me to become a better musician and helped me grow as a person. I had many chances to work with incredible musicians and conductors from all over the world that pushed me musically and encouraged us to experience and look at the world from a different perspective.

-Sarah Wright, Private Violin Instructor

I liked that there were lots of different people and it was a different kind of orchestra experience. I liked having more music to work on, and it was challenging and fun! I made a few friends and the concerts were in really cool places!

-Madeline McCourt, Student

My daughter enjoyed the Downing Orchestra program immensely and learned so much in a short period of time, that she was inspired to join the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra – Strings Orchestra. It was a challenging opportunity for her and the environment was quite different from the school program. Meeting just once a week fostered self-discipline and independence, and provided a keen sense of accomplishment for FWYO members. Learning to work with a diverse group of musicians and perform in a wide variety of venues developed adaptability and self-confidence. The experience was fantastic and was a real complement to the Downing Orchestra program.

-Karen Lynch, Parent

Other Orchestra Opportunities

Can't get enough of orchestra at school?  Here are a few other orchestras you can be a part of!

Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra

Since 1972, the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra has grown from an unknown orchestra to an internationally acclaimed ensemble. Today, Greater Dallas Youth Orchestras, Inc. serves over 450 talented musician and includes a total of seven ensembles:

​the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra (GDYO)
the Philharmonicthe Wind Symphony
​the Sinfonietta
​the Dallas String Ensemble (DSE)
Young Performers Orchestra (YPO)
the Flute Choir

Through competitive auditions held each spring, students are selected for membership and placed in appropriate ensembles. Any student who successfully auditions for any Greater Dallas Youth Orchestras ensemble is accepted regardless of ability to pay. Spring auditions determine placement for the beginning of the new season. The Greater Dallas Youth Orchestras season aligns with most area school calendars, beginning in late August and concluding in May, with breaks for holidays.