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Orchestra is more than just learning an instrument.  Your child will learn how to problem solve, how to work in a group, and so much more.  Skills you learn in orchestra help with academic classes as well.  Students will make friends in middle school orchestra that they will have for the rest of their middle school AND high school years.  Check out the resources below to learn more about the benefits of music programs!

Information for Parents

Our daughter picked up a violin for the first time ever in 6th grade and as a freshman now in high school, she plays in the Junior Varsity Orchestra.  She came home from school one day in 6th grade and proceeded to tell me the name and function of every single inch of her violin and in her words, I love playing the violin because you can make any kind of music; happy, sad, playful anything. For those considering the Downing Orchestra program, you will not be disappointed. Bethany is a truly inspired, talented and wonderfully capable instructor and whether your child plays for three years or 30, they will come away with a love for music!

-Karen Cabuena

When my son chose orchestra for his middle school elective, I was happy he was going to learn to play a musical instrument. What really happened was he found a place to belong, friends to challenge and encourage him, and confidence in himself for learning to play the viola. The orchestra program at Downing is top notch as is the teacher, Ms. Hardwick. 

-Alison Olson

My daughter decided long before middle school to play the violin, but to decide for her to be part of the school orchestra was still a separate decision, and it was the best decision we could make.  From the first day at the welcome pool party, Holly had a group of like minded kids she belonged to.  The kids support each other and look at  orchestra as a family, and the orchestra room like home.  It's just what a middle schooler needs!

​-Karen Knoch

My son was an "Orch Dork" at birth, but didn't know it until he met Mrs. Hardwick and joined the Downing Orchestra!   He has enjoyed this great group of kids and has thrived under Mrs. Hardwick.  I love to hear the sound of a beautiful violin in our home! It has been a joy watching my daughter gain confidence in playing the violin as well.  The structure Mrs. Hardwick provides encourages her to be her best.  Can't wait to see if we make it three Tatum "Orch Dorks"...

-​Niki Tatum

Downing Orchestra

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